Two Ways You Can Use Awnings To Jazz Up The Appearance Of Your Home

Awnings are strategically placed coverings that are situated over exterior doors in order to provide shelter from elements such as rain, snow or excessive sunlight.  They are frequently used by commercial businesses as a way to protect customers who may be entering or exiting their facility.  However, adding awnings to your home can be a great way to add flair to your décor.  They will make your home stand out from the pack because they can be both attractive and functional.  Use this information to learn more about how you can use awnings to spruce up the appearance of your abode.

Skip The Headboard:  Use An Awning

Using an awning in place of a headboard is a highly dramatic way to change the entire appearance of your bedroom.  Awnings can be constructed in many different colors and designs, making it easy to customize your awning to fit into your overall theme. 

It is quite easy to use an awning in place of a headboard.  You simply measure out the width of your mattress set, and have a customized awning company design the covering based upon the measurements.  Bolt the headboard into the wall above your bed and push your bed against the wall.  You can make your awning even more unique by adding a night light in it that makes it very easy and convenient for you to read at night without having to turn on your overhead lights.

Place Awnings Over Your Doorways

Adding awnings to interior doors is a deviation from the norm that can really increase the originality of your home.  Whether you choose to add the awnings to common rooms such as the kitchen, living or dining rooms, or go all the way and include an awning over all of the doors of your home, guests will be highly impressed when they enter your residence and take note of the attention to detail that you have displayed with your awnings. 

You can use metallic shades for your indoor awnings if you want to add a contemporary feel, or even use wood awnings for a more rustic feel.  Combining colors and fabrics is the perfect way to individualize your awnings so that they fully customize your home.

Thinking outside of the box is the key to creating a home that is ahead of the pack.  The next time you want to jazz up your home, use these awning tips to help create the house of your dreams.