Flower Garden Looking Tired? 6 Ways To Revitalize It

After a few weeks, a flower garden can start looking tired.  If this is happening to your garden, below are six ways you can bring it back to its original glory.

Deadhead Flowers

When a flower finishes blooming, you can get them to rebloom again by deadheading them. This means to simply remove any spent blooms by pulling them off or cutting them off with garden shears. After a few weeks, you will notice them blooming again. You can keep doing this throughout the growing season so you can keep enjoying flowers until the first frost. Removing the dead blooms also gives your flower garden a better appearance.

Remove Weeds

If weeds have taken over your garden, they will suck the moisture away from your flowers so they will not grow and look healthy. Remove the weeds by hand, making sure you pull out the root. The best time to do this is after a day of rain when the ground is moist. You can also use a small hand shovel to dig them out.

Add Mulch

If you do not currently have mulch around your flowers, it revitalizes your flower garden, and helps the ground retain more moisture for the flowers. Put two inches of mulch around the bed. When you are finished, pull the mulch away from the base of each plant. You do not want too much moisture to build up there, as it can rot the roots.

Use Container Flowers

Plant colorful and healthy flowers in containers, and then place the containers in areas of your flower garden that need a pick me up. Leave them there until your garden has had time to rejuvenate.

Fertilizer Flowers

Depending on the type of flower you have planted, you may need to fertilize them to give them an extra boost. Some flowers only need fertilizer at the beginning of the growing season, but others need a second application in the middle of summer. Check the plant tag for the flowers you have planted. If you do not have this, do some research, or ask someone at a garden center.

Hire A Landscaper

One of the easiest ways to revitalize an old flower garden is to hire a landscaper to do it for you. They can revitalize your current flower garden and tell you where you should plant other flowers on your property to wake up your whole yard.

While the landscaper is at your home them look at any gardening equipment you have that may not be working properly. For example, you may use a tiller to break up the soil that is not working, or you may be having problems with your lawnmower. The landscaping company can rent you the equipment you need while they are making the repairs. For more information, contact a business such as T C Equipment.

Next spring when you are getting your flower garden ready for new flowers, add some compost to the soil and mix it in. This will give the flowers nutrients throughout the year. If you have perennials, simply place about an inch or two of compost around the base of the flower. The rain will mix it into the soil for you.