Why Choose Roller Blinds?

Are you in the process of planning your home's window treatments? You have lots of choices, and each one features benefits and features that the others may not have. One option that you may be overlooking is roller blinds. Before you pass up this practical and decorative window treatment, you should know that roller blinds have a lot to offer modern homeowners.

Roller blinds can be beautiful.

If you think of roller blinds as just being those cheap white or off-white unattractive shades in the aisle of your local hardware store, think again. Today's roller blind manufacturers offer selections in popular decorator colors and fabrics that rival name brand looks. You can find roller blind prints in florals, solids, geometric patterns, and even full-color images taken from nature. Now you can change the look of a room dramatically just by pulling down a decorative roller blind.

Roller blinds are interchangeable.

Transforming a room from season to season can be as easy as changing out your roller blinds. Roller blinds come in custom and standard sizes to fit any sized window. That makes it easy to install roller blind hardware once, and change the blind itself as many times as you like. In the winter, you can install an opaque, thermal roller blind, and in the warmer months you can change it out with a lighter roller blind that allows summer sunlight to shine through. 

Roller blinds are inexpensive.

When you compare the cost of roller blinds with alternative window treatments, the difference is dramatic. Typical textile fabric can cost $60 a yard or more, and that's if you make curtains yourself. If you buy premade curtains, a single panel of decorator curtains can cost $60 by itself. By contrast, roller blinds can cost half that or less. You'll be able to install beautiful window treatments at significant savings when you choose roller blinds.

Roller blinds are durable.

Roller blinds offer the potential of years of use. Once you install your roller blinds, you never have to think about your window treatments again, if you don't want to. Because they're so durable, they are ideal for kids' rooms, rental properties and commercial buildings. Even without special care and cleaning, you can expect to get a lifetime's use out of one roller blind.

When decorating your home's windows, roller blinds should be first on your list of considerations. Their practical, durable and beautiful features make them a smart choice that fits well into any home's decor. For more information, contact Newco Solar Solutions roller shades or a similar company.