Kitchen Decor Can Bring Convenience From Elegance

The feeling of a gorgeous new home is one of the greatest experience for the decorative homeowner, but the joy is often fleeting. A beautiful home that sacrifices too much form for function may become a nuisance after a few months or years. As you consider the designs for your future kitchen, consider the form and feel of your appliances, furniture and storage selections while considering a few paths of elegant and convenient choice.

Grand Appliances Versus Petite Cooking

Not all beautiful homes are grand in size, but some cooking methods may call for large devices. If you're a baker with a tightly configured kitchen or a meat master with a small island between your oven and the living room, consider placing appliances in other ways.

It makes sense to have cooking appliances in the kitchen, but there are ways to taper the design into the dining room or living room with a smooth transition that doesn't antagonize the eye. Look at your kitchens design, then examine the walls and floor. In those two places rest the key to your design.

Aside from being in a clearly defined, walled off room, the separation between kitchen and dining is often in the type of flooring and the color of the walls. Kitchens may have a tile or linoleum design while the dining room is carpeted or in a different design.

Instead of giving up your large stand mixers and heavy pressure cookers, change the flooring of your kitchen. Carefully analyze the difference between each area, then add kitchen counters or counter-like tables.

Place the appliances on your new extended kitchen and clearly define the rest of the home. Create a new living or dining area that may be a bit smaller than planned, or design the extended kitchen as a 'made to order' style seating area where the food comes from pan to plate after preparation.

Disposal Backup Plans

The garbage disposal is an important part of the modern kitchen. It makes life more convenient by pulverizing waste into a sink-flushable waste that doesn't have to be carried in a heavy trash bag. It also keeps the sink plumbing free of obstruction when properly used by swirling high-speed twists of water through the pipes.

A garbage disposal can break down, and you'll need a good backup plan in case it does. Accessorizing with smaller trash bins and basins is the key, and your normal bathroom bins can do the job perfectly.

Short, bathroom-use trash cans should be purchased for their wideness in this case, as splashing water from a garbage disposal under repairs can ruin the inside of your cabinets and make a mess of your kitchen floor. You may want a wide basin to do the job, but having the small trash cans to carry the failed disposal mulch is the key to success.

Don't be caught trying to find a bucket or a foot-washing tub (desperate times call for desperate measures) to clean up the mess. Accessorize your kitchen's possible failure and contact a kitchen renovations expert to think of more critical designs choices that are coordinated, elegant and convenient. To learn more, contact a company like Graham's & Son Interiors curtains with any questions or concerns you have.