How To Refinish Your Wood Floors

If you have hardwood floors in your home, there may come a time when the wood starts fading and no amount of polishing is helping. When this happens, you can refinish the wood. Here are instructions for refinishing your wood floors.

Prepare for the Floor Finishing

Before you start refinishing your wood floors, there are some preparations you need to take. Make sure you remove everything in the room and that nothing is on the wood floors. You also don't want anything that could drop dust or dirt on the floors while you are working, so it is a good idea to remove wall hangings and window treatments as well. Remove closet contents if the floors extend into any closets.

Place plastic or trash bags over any light fixtures in the room and secure with tape. If there is any shoe moulding in the room, it will need to be removed. However, baseboards can remain where they are. A pry bar should be used to remove the shoe moulding. Lastly, apply tape over all outlets, vent ducts, and switches. Once all this is done, you can clean and vacuum the wood floors.

Sand the Wood Floor

After the wood floor is cleaned and vacuumed, it needs to be sanded. This will provide a clean, smooth surface to allow the refinishing job to look its best. Drum sanders are ideal because you are covering a large surface and they can get the job done quickly. You can rent one if you don't have one at home. Make sure you wear eye and mouth protection when sanding the floor.

Start in the center of the room, going with the grain to one end of the room and then to the other end. You should be overlapping each time you go back and forth. The last thing you will sand is the center of the room once the rest of the floor has been sanded. You can then use a hand sander for the edges that the drum sander didn't reach. Vacuum the floor once more when the sanding is done.

Finishing the Wood Floor

You are now ready to stain and finish the floor. There are different types of finishing products available for wood floors, so it is really up to you which one you choose. There is water and oil-based stains if you want a different shade for the floors, or a clear sealer if you just want a freshly finished look. Since every product is slightly different in its instructions, you will need to follow the manufacturer's instructions from this point forward. Make sure if you are using a stain, that you test a small area before covering the entire floor with it.

You might need to apply multiple coats of a stain for finishing your wood floor. If so, you will need to sand the floor in between. You apply the first coat of stain, then wait the recommended amount of time for it to dry. You then sand the floor, vacuum it, and apply the next coat. When you are finishing the floor, remember to go slow and steady and pay great attention to detail.

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