Tips For Cleaning Carpets When You Have Pets

Not all carpet stains are the same, and not all carpet cleaners are created equal. If part of your carpet cleaning regimen deals with pet stains and odors, this might feel like a losing battle. Here are four tips to successfully clean up after your pet when it comes to carpets.

1. Clean up Right Away

Letting messes sit and sink into your carpet is the worst thing that you can do. You don't need to haul out your steamer and clean your entire carpet every time there is a mess, but you can't ignore issues either. Instead, having a cleaning product available to help swiftly come in and clean up messes will ensure that these don't sink into your carpet. Not staying on top of pet messes will stain carpets and add to pet odor in your home.

2. Let Professional Cleaners Know about Pets

If you are having your carpet professionally cleaned, it is worth your while to let carpet cleaners know of any specific problem areas and if you have pets. Carpet cleaners can be sure to focus on areas that might need more deep cleaning. They can be sure to bring the right type of cleaners and deodorizers to combat pet messes and odor.

3. The Type of Cleaner Matters

Don't just buy a standard carpet cleaner and think this will work on all types of stains or messes. Be sure to find products that are specifically designed for pet urine and odor. These will have enzymes that will lift out these types of stains more successfully than standard cleaners. For spot cleaning or smaller cleaning jobs, be sure to find products that list pet stains as something that they can handle.

4. Limit Tracked in Grime from Outdoors

If your pets are in and out all day long, they can track in mess and dirt along with them. If you can sanction them to enter through an area of the home with a hard surface, this can alleviate this mess from hitting your carpets. Take control of your pet's access to carpets immediately from outdoors in order to give your pets a chance to shake off dirt and grime.

If you have carpet issues because of pet accidents and general wear and tear, this is something that needs be handled with specific products. You don't need to give up on your carpets just because you have pets. If you can readjust some daily patterns and focus on long term upkeep, your carpets will last longer and your home will be ready to fight pet stains and odor. To find out more about carpet cleaning, contact a company like AAA Steam Carpet Cleaning LTD.