How To Make Broken Mirror Flooring

What could be cooler than walking (safely) on broken mirror? You can actually make broken mirror flooring in your own home. This design is great for someone that wants a modern look that will also surprise visitors. Do you love funhouses? This mirrored floor will turn a room into a funhouse but still look chic. It is best done in a small area, such as a half-bath or short hallway.

Buy the Epoxy

  • You need a non-yellow pourable epoxy resin for this job. You need enough to coat the floor. Measure the square feet of the floor before you buy the resin so that you know you'll get enough
  • You also need to take into account the thickness of the floor. How thick is the mirror you intend to use? Usually, epoxy is poured so that it is no more than 1/4-inch thick. If you need something thicker to cover the mirror, then make sure to choose a resin that allows for thicker application.

Ready the Mirror

  • You want to use a mirror that is square or rectangular in shape so that it fits up snugly against walls.
  • Place the mirror on the floor like you would if you were placing tile. You don't need to adhere the mirror to the floor because the epoxy resin will do that for you. Just make sure that the mirror is flat to the floor and up against the walls.
  • You can easily cut mirror with a simple tool if you need smaller pieces to fill the entire floor.

Smash the mirror

  • Put on protective glasses for this part, as it is dangerous. Keep pets and children away.
  • You need to smash up the mirror on the floor using a hammer. Hit the mirror in different areas to break it into different sizes. Hit the mirror lightly so that you end up with large pieces. If you hit too hard the mirror will just shatter and tiny pieces will fly everywhere. The idea is to make the floor look fractured. Be sure to keep the mirror intact so that no one will walk on jagged edges.
  • Be careful about leaving smudges on the mirror. Don't touch the mirror with bare hands. Wear gloves. Wear socks and no shoes if you have to step on the mirror to reach areas. You shouldn't have to worry about jagged edges if you've broken the mirror properly as mentioned above.

Ready the Epoxy

Pourable epoxy comes in two parts that you must mix together. The hardener is what makes the epoxy harden on the floor. Make sure to follow the directions perfectly when mixing the epoxy. Why? If you don't mix the exact right amounts then the epoxy will not harden. Ever.

Pour the Epoxy

  1. Pour the epoxy in the middle of the floor over the broken mirror and let it flow out toward the walls. Pour more as you go until you get the right thickness once the epoxy hits the walls.
  2. Use a paint roller to spread the epoxy out evenly and to help it reach the walls. Most epoxy is self-leveling, so just make sure it covers the mirror and hits the wall. The epoxy will do the rest.
  3. Let the floor cure. This could take days depending on the thickness of the epoxy.

Once your floor is completely dry, freak out your friends by having them walk on broken mirror. To gather supplies or for professional flooring advice, contact a company like Dannburg Flooring tile flooring.