Common Questions About Using Storage Units For Your Business

Storage units can dramatically improve your business's efficiency when it comes to utilizing space. However, there are many individuals that may have recently started a business, but have little experience renting storage units. For those in this situation, it may be beneficial to have a couple of storage unit questions answered to strengthen your knowledge and understanding of this option for your enterprise.

Will Your Employees Need To Be Approved To Access The Storage Unit?

Regardless of whether your business is using the storage space to hold their unshipped products or to store documents, there is a chance that many of your employees will likely need to visit the storage unit at some point during the time they are with your company. While it may seem like you will need to have each employee approved with the storage facility's management before they can access the property, this is not a practical option due to the sheer amount of record keeping this could entail. 

Rather, you will be provided with either an entry code or a pass card that can be used to enter the storage area. This ensures that your employees can easily access the unit, regardless of whether or not this is a normal part of their duties. However, you should make it a point to change the pin or pass card when you have an employee leave your company, because this could represent a security threat to whatever you keep in the storage unit. 

Is It Safe To Store Documents In Your Storage Unit?

If your enterprise is needing the storage space for paper documents, it is important to note that you will likely be better served by choosing a climate controlled storage unit. Some people will opt for an outdoor unit because they are cheaper, but this can expose your documents to the damaging forces of weather. Humidity and temperature changes can damage the paper, which may make it impossible to read. 

To reduce the risk of this source of damage, climate controlled units utilize a complex ventilation and temperature control system to keep the humidity and temperature within a safe range for paper documents. The cost for a climate controlled unit may be more, but the benefit of knowing your paper documents are being kept in the ideal conditions can make this higher cost a wise expense to pay. 

Storage units can provide your business with several important benefits. Realizing that any employee with the pin or passcard will be able to access the unit and the importance of choosing a climate controlled unit to store documents will help improve your understanding of this option, which should make it easier for you to make a sound choice for meeting the storage needs of your business.