A Step Up -- The Pros And Cons Of 5 Types Of Modern Bathroom Tiles

If you haven't remodeled a bathroom in a while, you may be overwhelmed by the choices in flooring that have been developed in recent years. Whereas in the past, you may have simply stated that you want to "tile the floor," that phrase needs some more specifics in today's tile market. There are tile styles, materials, colors and shapes to fit any home owner these days. Here is a quick guide to the pros and cons of 5 of the most popular tiles for your bath. 

Vinyl. Perhaps the most popular tile, vinyl enjoys a low cost and is consistently durable. Moreover, new technology means that it's easier than ever to install -- even being self-adhesive and easily trimmed for the DIY remodeler. 

Laminate. Plastic laminate tiles are often referred to as "planks," and they are inexpensive (even more so than vinyl) and easy to install. However, they may not survive standing water as well as other tiles. Water damage tends to warp and buckle plastic laminates, so if you go with a laminate, be sure to caulk and seal all potential cracks. 

Stone. Stone tiles are a relatively new choice for bathrooms, but they are gaining popularity as a beautiful and warm flooring style. Stone comes in a variety of textures and materials, including slate, granite, marble and limestone. There are basically two downsides to natural stone, though -- harder maintenance and a higher price tag. 

Cork. You may not immediately think of cork tiles for your bathroom, but they are a good choice for several reasons. Cork is a more eco-friendly flooring material because the cork itself can be harvested from the same tree many times. It also helps dampen sounds -- an important function in many echoing bathrooms. And it's naturally soft feel can be more comfortable on the feet. However, cork may be a project you want to hire professional help to install and properly protect, so expect some additional cost there.

Linoleum. Traditional linoleum -- a blend of cork powder, wood flour, linseed oil and ground limestone -- may not be your first choice for a modern bathroom. But today's linoleum floors come in modern designs and colors and can blend in with just about any bathroom theme or style. It's also highly durable and keeps its look for a long time. However, keep in mind that this usually comes with a higher price than some other materials (perhaps twice as much as vinyl, for example) and the need to hire professional installation. 

Whether you want a "green" flooring material, low maintenance or a long-lasting finish, the right bathroom floor can be found. By understanding the choices you have, you can narrow your selection sooner and make the perfect choice with ease. Contact your flooring specialists in Kelowna for more options.