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Warming Your New Bundle of Joy: The Benefits of a Pellet Stove

Determining which type of heating system is best suited to meet the needs of your family can be a challenge, but if you have just brought home a new baby then investing in a pellet stove could be a good option. Here are three reasons why buying a pellet stove makes sense for new parents. 1. Pellet stoves require little time and effort to maintain. Many new parents don't realize just how much time it takes to properly care for a newborn.

Tips For Cleaning Carpets When You Have Pets

Not all carpet stains are the same, and not all carpet cleaners are created equal. If part of your carpet cleaning regimen deals with pet stains and odors, this might feel like a losing battle. Here are four tips to successfully clean up after your pet when it comes to carpets. 1. Clean up Right Away Letting messes sit and sink into your carpet is the worst thing that you can do.

How To Refinish Your Wood Floors

If you have hardwood floors in your home, there may come a time when the wood starts fading and no amount of polishing is helping. When this happens, you can refinish the wood. Here are instructions for refinishing your wood floors. Prepare for the Floor Finishing Before you start refinishing your wood floors, there are some preparations you need to take. Make sure you remove everything in the room and that nothing is on the wood floors.

Pressing Questions Concerning Mold Removal Addressed

Mold growing in a home has the potential to cause major problems for its occupants. In addition to the risks of health complications, mold colonies can also contribute to rotting and decay of your home's wood components. Fortunately, mold removal is a relatively common service for homeowners to need, but if you have never experienced major mold growth in your home, there is a chance that you have a couple of questions about mold:

Tick, Tock! Naturally Repel Ticks This Spring

With spring quickly approaching, you may be creating a list of various tasks for your landscape and home exterior. From fertilizing the lawn to bug control, the seasonal tasks can be overwhelming. Unfortunately, you may not be placing enough emphasis on preventing and controlling ticks. While these unappealing insects do not fly or jump, they can climb and quickly latch on to you, your children, and your pets. After latching on and getting a taste of blood, they can be challenging to remove.